Gevonden: de Memling van Goering - Found: Goering's Memling

De Standaard 30 April 2016

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Summary of the article by the author:

When Hermann Göring surrendered in May 1945, he had a small wooden panel from Memling with him, which he had bought in the war from the Belgian collector Emile Renders. He wanted to show off when he had an encounter with Dwight Eisenhower, and therefore asked the American soldiers to get his most impressive uniform, fresh shirts and clean underwear in to the castle where he was residing. In exchange he would offer an important work of art.

After the war, two witnesses (his art buyer Andreas Hofer and his servant) said that Goring had given back the Memling of Renders. But it got lost within the American army. Many people thought it had found its way to America.

I managed to retrace it. It happened to be in Germany for a long time, went from a Dutch gallerist to a French private collector. The man died and now one of his children has it.

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