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'Aufbruch in die Moderne. Sammler, Mäzene und Kunsthändler in Berlin 1880–1933'

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Aufbruch in die Moderne. Sammler, Mäzene und Kunsthändler in Berlin 1880–1933


Julius H. Schoeps, Anna-Dorothea Ludewig, Ines Sonder (eds)


March 2012


The entry of the Berlin art world into the modern age is unthinkable without the commitment of private art collectors, art dealers and patrons, the avant-garde art and artists. Although official art exhibition and politics were long dominated by the academicism of the Berlin salons and the personal preferences of Kaiser Wilhelm II, a small circle of art lovers, many of them Jewish, were able to introduce contemporary style into private and public space. It was this rich collection of people who contributed significantly to the prosperity of the capital city of Berlin as an artistic centre of modernism.

In 14 essays, the authors provide profiles of several of these pioneers of modernism. Through a variety of personalities - ranging from Max Liebermann, Alfred Flechtheim and the Mendelssohn family, to lesser-known characters like Jacob Goldschmidt, Margarete Oppenheim and Margarete Mauthner - the authors create a kaleidoscopic picture of a brilliant era in the Berlin art world, and its destruction by the Nazis.

Dumont Verlag 2012. ISBN 978-3-8321-9428-4

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