Gute Geschäfte. Kunsthandel in Berlin 1933-45 (A Good Business: The Art Trade in Berlin 1933-45) Centrum Judaicum Berlin, 10 April-31 July 2011

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Depicting the development of 14 art dealerships and galleries in Berlin, the exhibition explored the way the Nazis took over this formerly independent sector of life.  Among these 14 art dealerships are big, well known businesses, but also smaller ones, not known by the larger public today.

The exhibition covered also the histories of emigration of Jewish art dealers, the liquidation of their businesses and, on the other hand, the profiteers of the aryanisation of the galleries. 

Other themes were the business made through "entartete Kunst", acquisitions for the "Führermuseum Linz" as well as general information about the art trade, its functioning, its laws, the role of the "Reichskammer für bildende Künste", the clients etc. The spoliation of art works belonging to Jewish familieswas also included.

The dealers and galleries presented in the exhibition are:


- Bernhard Boehmer

- Karl Buchholz

- Alfred Flechtheim

- Goldschmidt & Wallerstein

- Paul Graupe

- Karl Haberstock

- H.W. Lange

- Wilhelm August Luz

- Matthiessen-Zatzenstein

- Karl Nierendorf

- Eduard Plietzsch

- Hansjoachim Quantmeyer

- Helene Scheduikat

- Leo Spik

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To read the notice of the exhibition in German taken from the organising group’s website, click here.

A catalogue of the exhibition was published in April.  

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