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'Kunst-Transfers. Thesen und Visionen zur Restitution von Kunstwerken'

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Kunst-Transfers. Thesen und Visionen zur Restitution von Kunstwerken


Stefan Koldehoff, Gilbert Lupfer, Martin Roth (eds)


December 2008


The publication consists of papers given at a symposium which took place on 2 October 2008 at the Residenzschloss (Residence Palace) in Dresden.

The contributors are Martin Roth, Steffen Reiche, Stefan Koldehoff, Gilbert Lupfer, Natalia Volkert, Charles Goldstein, Georg Heuberger and Bénédicte Savoy.

Opening papers by Martin Roth (General Director of the State Art Collections Dresden) and Steffen Reiche (member of the German Bundestag) are followed by an introduction by Stefan Koldehoff (cultural affairs editor for the German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in Cologne). 

In his paper, Gilbert Lupfer (State Art Collections Dresden) addresses questions and proposals from the perspective of the museums of Dresden. 

The article by Natalia Volkert (Institute of East European History at the University of Mainz) looks at the negotiations between Germany and Russia concerning “trophy art”.

Charles Goldstein (lawyer; advisor to the Commission for Art Recovery in New York) presents opinion and thoughts on the restitution of stolen Jewish art as a duty of the international community.

In his contribution, Georg Heuberger (founding director of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main; representative in Germany of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany) asks what are fair and just procedures in conflicts concerning looted art.

In the last paper in the volume,
Bénédicte Savoy (Junior Professor for Art History at the Technical University of Berlin) places restitution and emotions relating to restitution in a historical perspective.

The book is published by Deutscher Kunstverlag / State Art Collections Dresden, 2009.

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