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'Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit. Provenienzforschung und Bibliotheksgeschichte (Libraries in the Nazi period. Provenance Research and Library History)'

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Bibliotheken in der NS-Zeit. Provenienzforschung und Bibliotheksgeschichte (Libraries in the Nazi period. Provenance Research and Library History)


Stefan Alker, Christina Köstner, Markus Stumpf (eds)




Published by Vienna University Press in January 2008, ISBN 978-3-89971-450-0, this book comprises the papers of the conference on libraries during the Nazi period, which took place in Vienna 25-27 March 2008. Details of the conference are available here.   

The book is divided into four sections:

Section 1 “Provenance Research” includes papers by Thomas Jahn and Stephan Kellner on provenance research in the Bavarian State Library, Munich; Bernd Reifenberg on the provenance research project at the University Library Marburg; Heike Pudler on research and restitution at the State Library Berlin; Matthias Harbeck and Sonja Kobold on provenance research at the Humboldt University Library Berlin, focusing on books from the private library of the German-Jewish professor of German Studies Agathe Lasch; and Christiane Hoffrath on provenance research at the University and Municipal Library of Cologne, focusing on books from the library of German-Jewish university professor Elise Richter and her sister, the theatre historian Helene Richter.

Section 2 “Libraries during the Nazi period” includes contributions by Katharina Bergmann on the history of Graz University Library 1938-45; Cordula Reuss on Leipzig University Library 1933-45; Helmut Hilz on the Library of the German Museum (Munich) 1933-45; Susanne Wanninger on Rudolf Buttmann, General Director of the Bavarian State Library in the Nazi period; and Hans-Joachim Lang on acquisitions of the Law Faculty of Tübingen University, focusing on the looted library of Max Fleischmann of Halle.

Section 3 “Vienna” focuses on Viennese libraries during the Nazi period and includes, inter alia, contributions by Evelyn Adunka on Salomon Frankfurter, the Austrian-Jewish director of the University Library of Vienna; by Christian Mertens on the Viennese municipal library; and by Peter Malina and Monika Löscher on provenance research at the University Library of Vienna.

Section 4 “Book looting in the occupied territories” includes an article by Andrzej Mezynski on Polish libraries 1939-1945; Werner Schroeder on the “Research Brigade East” and the looting of books in the Soviet Union 1941-43; Sem C. Sutter on H.A. Krüss and Gustav Abb, library administrators in occupied territories; and Dov Schidorsky on the post-war book-salvaging missions of Shlomo Shunami in Europe and on aspects of centralisation, provenance research, restitution and distribution of several hundred thousand books transferred from Europe to Israel.

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