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'Plundered and Rebuilt: The Polish Military Museum during the Second World War and After'

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Plundered and Rebuilt: The Polish Military Museum during the Second World War and After


Roman Matuszewski and Jolanta Kozimor




Published by the Polish Ministry of Defence in 2007, this is a Polish-English bilingual catalogue of the history and WW2 losses of the Polish Military Museum in Warsaw and comprises both a written catalogue and a cd of the losses.     

Part 1 is an essay on the history of the Museum by Roman Matuszewski.  Part 2 is an essay by Jolanta Kozimor titled 'Documentation and Cataloguing of the Collections, Restution and Determination of Wartime Losses.  Part 3, with an introduction by Roman Matuszewski is an illustrated Review of Wartime Losses.  The Review includes illustrations and detailed information on a selection of the most valuable objects lost during WW2.  The categories of objects shown are firearms, edged weapons, polearms and striking weapon, armour, paintings by Jan Chelminski and a selection of miscellaneous objects including military decorations, bridles, 18th century saddle holsters and crossbows.

The Polish authorities hope that publicising their list of losses, together with accompanying illustrations, will make the current holders of such objects aware of the issue and cause any institutional holders to consider ways of resolving the problem. 

Copyright is held by the Muzeum Wojska Polskiego w Warsawie, ISBN 978-83-11-10880-6.

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