Holocaust Reparation: Law, Policy and Principle: six seminars 24 September-3 December 2008 London

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A series of lectures organised by the Institute of Art and Law which took place in London between 24 September and 3 December 2008 inclusive.  Titled 'Holocaust Reparation: Law, Policy and Principle', this was a six-part evening programme with the following prescription: 

Course prescription
This course will look at the remedies that are being developed (by nations, communities, corporations and individuals) in response to demands for justice for Holocaust victims and their families.  It will approach the question primarily through the medium of cultural assets looted during the period 1933 to 1945, but will spread outwards from that initial focus to look comparatively and critically at remedies in other areas: bank accounts, liquid currency, insurance policies, other categories of asset.  A further layer of inquiry will compare Holocaust-related claims to claims by other victims (for example, former colonial states, occupied countries, indigenous peoples deprived of sacred or ancestral material).  Such claims will be examined against the backdrop of any general movement towards public contrition for past events.  In the course of this inquiry, numerous further questions will be broached:  the destination of ‘ownerless’’ assets, the impact and limits of law in solving controversies, the social and ethical role of museums, the regulation of armed conflict and the role of cultural diplomacy in achieving results.
Course programme
(All seminars held from 6.30 to 8.30 pm in Central London)
24 September 2008
The Nazi Looting of Artworks and the Work of Restitution
Professor Richard Evans, University of Cambridge
Kevin Chamberlain CMG, Barrister
6 October 2008
Reparation, Repatriation and the Redemption of Cultural Assets
Charles Goldstein, Herrick Feinstein
Professor Norman Palmer CBE, King’s College London, Spoliation Advisory Panel
22 October 2008
A Proposed New Scheme of Arbitration and Title Certification for Holocaust-related Claims
Owen Pell, White and Case, New York

5 November 2008
Mediation and the Role of Public Advisory Boards
Marja van Heese, Museums Inspectorate, The Hague
Professor Norman Palmer

19 November 2008
Redress in Comparable Cases: Other Holocaust-Related Assets
Mara Wantuch, Charles Goldstein

3 December 2008
Checking and tracking for Holocaust provenance
Sarah Jackson, Art Loss Register
Dick Ellis, Art Management Group

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