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'Vitalizing Memory: International Perspectives on Provenance Research'

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Vitalizing Memory: International Perspectives on Provenance Research


American Association of Museums




At the American Association of Museums' (AAM) 2004 International Provenance Research Colloquium, specialists from North America met with research colleagues from western and central Europe to exchange information on the general topic of provenance research, with an emphasis on World War II provenance issues. 

Papers include the collections of the Nazi elite (Hitler, Goering and Ribbentrop), recreation of historic family collections (including Rothschild, Steiner and Kann), case studies of specific object provenance, the provenance and trajectory taken by looted Judaica, accessing lesser-known archival resources, and the structure of the art trade in the twentieth century.

The proceedings highlight advances in provenance research resources and methodology, and illuminate the number of different sources, many of them little known to North American researchers, that may have to be consulted to clarify the provenance of any one object.

Vitalizing Memory is published by the AAM, ISBN: 978-1-933253-02-2.
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