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The Commission for Art Recovery, chaired by Ronald S. Lauder, was established in 1997 and was affiliated with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the World Jewish Restituion Organisation (WJRO). The Commission's principle aim is to lobby European governments for the identification and restitution of Holocaust-era looted art and, if necessary, to bring litigation against any government or institution that is unwilling to attempt to return stolen art. Contact Information

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Commission for Art Recovery
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Attn: Agnes Peresztegi, Counsel

Commission for Art Recovery, 16 November 2015


Charles Goldstein, former Counsel to the Commission, died on 30 July 2015

Charles Goldstein 1937-2015

Herrick Feinstein, the New York law firm where Charles Goldstein was a Senior Counsel, write:

July 30, 2015 – it is with great sadness that we share the loss of our friend and colleague, Charles Goldstein.

Charles was remarkable in many ways. After becoming New York's premier real estate attorney from the 1960s through the 90s (see the New York Times article "Charles Goldstein: Real Estate Attorney to the Powerful"), he embarked on a completely new career in art law. 

In doing so, he became an international leader in the world-wide efforts to recover Nazi-looted art and return it to the families of the original owners after Ronald Lauder asked him to develop and lead the Commission for Art Recovery ("CAR"). In that capacity, he was responsible for all governmental affairs and litigation arising out of CAR's activities in Europe and the United States, and supervised claims, negotiations and litigation in many countries around the world.

Charles was also a frequent lecturer at art restitution seminars in the U.S. and Europe, and the author of numerous articles on the subject. Lawyers, government officials, experts, journalists and others throughout the world regularly sought his sage advice on art restitution matters.

It was a true inspiration for many of us to work so closely with Charles.

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