The Rudolf-August Oetker collection compensates the Emma Budge heirs for a silver cup in the Oetker collection since 2009

Kunstsammlung Rudolf-August Oetker 19 May 2017

Bielefeld, May 19, 2017: In October 2016, the Kunstsammlung Rudolf-August Oetker GmbH announced that it had commissioned an audit of its art collection. The objective of the ongoing audit is to assess whether any audited artwork belonged to a person persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, ideology or political opposition to National-Socialism who was wrongly deprived of such artwork.

The Kunstsammlung is pleased to announce that it has agreed to compensate the heirs of Emma Ranette Budge for the loss of a silver cup.

In March 2009, the Kunstsammlung bought a silver cup from a European-based art dealership, after it was exhibited at the Maastricht Art Fair. The cup, in the shape of a windmill, was created by the German artist Tobias Kicklinger in or around 1612-1616. Neither the selling dealer nor the Kunstsammlung was aware of the Budge provenance. The Kunstsammlung purchased the item in good faith.

In 2011, the representative of the estate of Emma Ranette Budge published a search notice for the silver cup on a database for artworks lost in consequence of Nazi persecution. When in the course of the audit in 2016, the Kunstsammlung became aware of the search notice, it commissioned further research into the cup and contacted, of its own accord, the Budge estate’s legal representa-tive Mr Lothar Fremy. Further to its own research and additional information received from Mr Fremy, it was revealed that, following the death of Emma Ranette Budge in Hamburg in 1937, her art collection, including the cup, was sold at auction in Berlin later that year by Paul Graupe, an Aryanised auction house, and the sale proceeds remitted to a blocked account to which her heirs had no access.

The Kunstsammlung volunteered to compensate the heirs of Emma Ranette Budge on moral grounds. This was gratefully accepted. The estate expressed a preference for financial compensation, instead of the return of the cup. The Kunstsammlung is delighted that the cup will continue to grace its collection, with the full approval and consent of the Budge estate.

Mr Fremy made the following statement on behalf of his clients:

“The Kunstsammlung Rudolf-August Oetker spared no effort to reach an equitable solution with the heirs of Emma Ranette Budge in relation to a silver cup lost by the late Emma Budge’s estate due to Nazi persecution of the Jews. The Kunstsammlung’s conduct should not be taken for granted and deserves to be commended. The Budge heirs highly appreciate the responsible manner in which the Kunstsammlung has handled this matter.“

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