Second World War restitution scandal revealed

Apollo 28 June 2016

The Commission for Looted Art in Europe has published a report about a number of looted works, which were seized by the US Army’s ‘Monuments Men’ at the end of the Second World War; they were allegedly not returned to their rightful owners by the Bavarian State Paintings Collections, to which they were subsequently entrusted, says Sueddeutsche Zeitung (article in translation). In some instances, according to the CLAE, the works in question are thought to have been returned to the heirs of the Nazi officials who had sanctioned their plunder. In one case, for example, a work of art may have been handed over to Emmy Goering (daughter of notorious looter Hermann Goering), who filed restitution claims. However, the Bavarian State Paintings Collections has refused access to archives that would clarify this.
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