Gurlitt’s Looted Matisse Now Subject to Three Conflicting Claims

Art Market Monitor 9 April 2014

The most prominent work of art in the Gurlitt hoard, Matisse’s Woman with a Fan which is claimed by the heirs of Paul Rosenberg, including the wealthy Anne Sinclair, was just revealed to have two rival claims. One claimant just stepped forward. The confusion does underscore the German government’s initial hesitation to reveal hoard the overwhelming nature of these claims:

The task force declined to comment on the criticism by the two sides or their negotiations, saying only that it had disclosed the information of the new claim to Mr. Gurlitt’s lawyers. The documents backing the third claim—including the claimant’s identity—were released to Mr. Gurlitt’s team but not to the Rosenberg heirs, both parties said. Neither the task force nor Mr. Gurlitt’s representatives would disclose any information on the new claim.

“Mr. Gurlitt’s lawyers have a right to be informed about every claim that has been filed against him,” said Matthias Henkel, the task force’s spokesman.

German Task Force Criticized Over Rival Claim for Nazi-Looted Matisse (
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