Painting acquired by Gurlitt turns up in Chicago home

The Art Newspaper 1 March 2014
David D'Arcy tells the story of the Jules Pascin painting 'L'Atelier du Peintre Grossman', the property of Julius Wolff, editor-in-chief of the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten. Wolff was ousted from his job in 1933. In 1942 when he and his wife were about to be deported, the Nazis 'permitted' them and Wolff's brother to commit suicide.

The painting was among the 136 works of art in Hildebrand Gurlitt's collection in Aschbach at the end of the war. In 1945 Gurlitt told the US Third Army he had bought it from Wolff for 600 Reischsmarks in 1935.It was returned to him in 1950 when he said that it had been in his father's collection since before 1933.

The painting reappeared at Christie's in 1972 as part of the collection of Dr Robert Ducroquet, was sold to a French dealer and is now in the collection of Joel and Carol Honigberg of Highland Park, Chicago.The Christie's provenance onlly listed a Matthias Fels, Paris, as the sole previous owner, and the exhibition history provided began with the Haus der Kunst Munich in 1969.

The heirs of Julius Wolff made successful claims to the Zwinger Museum Dresden in 2008.

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