Fair and Just Solution Reached by Germanische Nationalmuseum Nuremberg and Professor Curt Glaser Heirs

MND Newswire 3 July 2013

Nuremberg/New York (MMD Newswire) July 3, 2013 -- After having undertaken comprehensive historical research regarding four artworks from the former collection of Professor Curt Glaser, the Germanische Nationalmuseum and the heirs of Professor Curt Glaser have reached a fair and just solution in accordance with the principles of the 'Washington Conference' as well as the 'Joint Declaration of the Federal Government, the Federal States and the National Associations of Local Authorities on the tracing and return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property', dated December 14, 1999. Professor Glaser, a medical doctor, famous art historian, art critic, author of many important texts and books on art and art history, as well as a notable art collector, worked for Berlin museums since 1909 until he became director of the Berlin National Art Library in 1924. Prior to that, he had achieved great distinction while working for the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin.

Germanische Nationalmuseum Nuremberg and Professor Curt Glaser Heirs

With the Nazis' rise to power, he was persecuted because he was Jewish. Prior to his forced retirement in September 1933, the Nazis had already suspended Glaser as an unwanted and persecuted Jewish museum director from his position as director of the National Art Library at the time of the enactment of the 'Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service' (Nazi law forbidding Jews from holding German civil servant positions). As a result of the loss of his position and due to Nazi persecution, Glaser had no professional or personal future in Nazi-Germany. In June 1933, he emigrated, together with his second wife who was also Jewish, to the United States via stopovers in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Cuba. He died in Lake Placid, New York in 1943. Prior to his forced departure from Germany, he had to sell a large part of his art collection, his apartment furniture, as well as his art library at the Internationales Kunst-und Auktionshaus GmbH (09.05.1933) and Max Perl (18./19.05.1933) auction houses. This took place immediately before and after Nazi book burnings in May 1933.

The Germanische Nationalmuseum acquired the following artworks at the May 9, 1933 Internationales Kunst-und Auktionshaus auction in Berlin from the collection of Prof. Dr. Curt Glaser:

Painting by Ignaz Mildofer "Farewell to Apostle Petrus and Paulus"

Watercolor by Friedrich Brentel the elder "Landscape with Galathea, Acis and Polyphem"

Watercolor by unknown artist, copy after Joseph Heitz the elder "Diana and Aktaeon"

Another artwork,

Painting by Johann Wenzel Bergl "Job on the Dunghill"

which was sold at the May 9 auction as painting by Jan Lys was acquired by the Germanische Nationalmuseum from Kunsthaus Kahlert & Son, Berlin in 1934.

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