Further three year prolongation for Dutch Restitutions Committee

Press Release 21 December 2007

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS: Advisory Committee on the Assessment of Restitution Applications for Items of Cultural Value and the Second World War, the Restitutions Committee for short, has been given a mandate to continue its work for another three years.

Former vice-president of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, R.Herrmann, LLM, is to become the new chair of the Restitutions Committee.

The official reappointment of the Restitutions Committee will take place on 23 December 2007. Mr Hermann (age 64) will replace the current chair, B.J. Asscher, LLM, who will remain associated with the Committee in the role of advisor, as did his predecessor, J.M. Polak,LLM. The other members of the Restitutions Committee will be reappointed on 23 December 2007so that the Committee can continue its work under the direction of the new chair.

Since the Committee began its work in 2002, 91 applications for restitution have been submitted for assessment. It has advised the Minister for Education, Culture and Science in 50 cases and is currently handling 41 cases.

The Restitutions Committee publishes all its recommendations and annual reports on its website:

For further information about the work of the Restitutions Committee, please contact Mrs Evelien Campfens, secretary/rapporteur of the Restitutions Committee, telephone +31 (0)70 376 59 93.

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