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Bloomsbury Art Markets


Johannes Nathan, Editor-in-Chief


March 2023


Publisher's Text:

A landmark digital reference work exclusive to Bloomsbury Digital Resources providing a comprehensive guide to art galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and agents from multiple national and historical contexts.

It will be the first scholarly guide of its kind online and has been designed to serve the expanding research areas of art market studies, art historiography and provenance research.

Over 4,000 peer-reviewed articles will combine factual data with biographical information and historical narratives. Entries will also outline principal activities by listing exhibitions, clients, regular partners, and major artists whose works were sold. Selected bibliographies will facilitate further research, as will information on archival material and its whereabouts.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Johannes Nathan and supported by a distinguished internal team of editors and advisors, Bloomsbury Art Markets will provide an essential resource for scholars and researchers, as well as art world professionals.

The consensus is growing that the market has played a major role in art history. Expanding research areas such as art market studies, the history of collecting, art historiography, and provenance research highlight the need for a specific reference tool on the market, in which information and historical narratives work together to illustrate how the market operated, who was in it, and when. 

Bloomsbury Art Markets (BAM), formerly known as the Art Market Dictionary(AMD), is the first encompassing reference work on the art market, covering Europe, Russia, and North America since 1900. It will provide information on auction houses, art fairs, commercial galleries, art dealers, and more.

This will form an essential resource for scholars, art world professionals, journalists, and collectors.

What information does it provide?

In each entry, Bloomsbury Art Markets will supply basic factual information followed by a brief historical or biographical narrative illustrating a company’s or person’s role in the art market. The assembled facts, names, and places will be searchable in the online database. They summarize central data: years, addresses, staff, specializations, etc. They also indicate principal activities through lists of major exhibitions and, where possible, regular partners or clients.

​​​Entries also aim to list artists whose work was on offer. Selected bibliographies will facilitate further research, as will information on archival material and its whereabouts. By assembling this pool of data, Bloomsbury Art Markets will enable scholars to locate specific information and its sources as well as allowing for an examination of the relationships, economics, and significant trends that have shaped the art world.

Advisory Board

Bloomsbury Art Markets feels privileged to have the advice and support of a highly distinguished international advisory board, some of them outstanding art market scholars, some representing specialized institutions that support our project with their network and infrastructure.

  • Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V., Berlin

  • Oskar Bätschmann, Bern

  • Christian Bracht, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Philips-Universität Marburg

  • Neil Brodie, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow

  • Wolfgang Ernst, University of Oxford

  • Roger Fayet, Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft, Zürich

  • Walter Feilchenfeldt, Zurich

  • Uwe Fleckner, Forschungsstelle Entartete Kunst, Universität Hamburg

  • Antoinette Friedenthal, Potsdam

  • ​Ursula Frohne, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

  • Christian Fuhrmeister, Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München

  • Thomas W. Gaehtgens, Berlin

  • Malcolm Gee, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • ​Uwe Hartmann, German Lost Art Foundation, Magdeburg

  • Kate Haw, Archives of American Art, Washington, DC.

  • ​Günter Herzog, Cologne

  • ​Anita Hopmans, RKD, Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague

  • Thomas Kirchner, Berlin

  • ​Elisabetta Lazzaro, Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht

  • ​Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Paris

  • ​Hubert Locher, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Philipps-Universität Marburg

  • ​Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid

  • ​Neil B. De Marchi, Rome

  • ​David Nash, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York

  • ​Inge Reist, New York

  • ​Martin Roth, London (†)

  • ​Bénédicte Savoy, Technische Universität Berlin & Collège de France, Paris

  • Dmitrij Y. Severyukhin, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg

  • Guillermo Solana, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid

  • ​Hans van Miegroet, Duke University, Durham

  • ​Olav Velthuis, Universiteit van Amsterdam

  • Frank Zöllner, Universität Leipzig


Editor-in-Chief: Johannes Nathan

Johannes Nathan studied art history at NYU (BA) and the Courtauld Institute of Art (MA, PhD). He taught at the University of Berne until 2001 when he became director of his family’s Galerie Nathan in Zurich, now Nathan Fine Art in Zurich and Potsdam. He has taught—particularly Renaissance art history and the history of the art market—at the universities of Berlin (TU), Cologne, Leipzig, Lisbon, New York (NYU) and Zurich. In 2012, he co-founded the Center for Art Market Studies at TU Berlin. He is a founding member and the Chair of the International Art Market Studies Association.

Managing Editors
Jonathan Maho (2020–present)
Sarah Goodrum (2018–20)
Emily Evans (2014–18)

Associate Editor
Christy Wahl (2022–present)

Aaron Bogart
Judith Brehmer
Marta Dossi
Sarah Fischer
Maximilian Gessl
Alison Hugill
Mirjami Schuppert
Michelle Standley
Jacqueline Taylor
Antares Wells
Anja Weisenseel
Chiara Zampetti Egidi

Section Editors

Auction House and Art Fairs
Véronique Chagnon-Burke
Co-chair TIMSA, Co-founder Women Art Dealers Digital Archives

Austria and Switzerland
Christian Huemer
Director Belvedere Research Center

Belgium and the Netherlands
Jeroen Euwe
Assistant Professor Erasmus University Rotterdam
Emmelie Koster
Founder No Man's Art Gallery


Matthew Ryan Smith
Curator Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant in Brantford

Eastern Europe, Hungary, and Russia
Gábor Rieder
Independent scholar, Budapest
Thomas Skowronek
Research Associate Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Jonathan Maho
Managing Editor Bloomsbury Art Markets
Julie Verlaine
Professor Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne

Ingrid Leonie Severin
Senior Researcher Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Steve (Stratis) Pantazis
Independent scholar, Athens

Silvia Simoncelli
Head of Education Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Chiara Zampetti Egidi
Independent scholar, Berlin

Spain and Portugal
Marta Pérez Ibáñez
Professor Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

United Kingdom and Ireland
Veronika Korbei
Co-Chair TIMSA
Andrew Marsh
Course Leader Central Saint Martins

United States of America
Kelly Davis
Provenance Data ​Specialist Getty Research Institute

Editorial advisors

Maja Ćirić (Eastern European section)
Martin Hartung (US section)
Agnès Penot (US section)
Léa Saint-Raymond (French section)

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