Restitution: Gimpel vs the French Government - a Seven Year Saga, Insiders /Outsiders Online, 25 October 2020, 17:00–18:30

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For seven years, the grandchildren of eminent art dealer René Gimpel (1881-1945) mounted a campaign to recover three paintings by André Derain, which they believed were seized from their grandfather in forced sales during the Occupation of France. Finally, a verdict in the case - Gimpel vs the French Government - was reached on 30 September 2020, after copious research, forensic detective work and two high court proceedings. One grandson, also called René Gimpel, will recount this extraordinary saga, and describe how during the war his grandfather, his English wife and their three children were involved in Resistance activities throughout occupied France.

René Gimpel will be in discussion with Sue Grayson Ford MBE, co-curator of last year’s Brave New Visions exhibition at Sotheby’s, which explored the legacy of émigré dealers from Nazi Europe, including the Gimpel family.

This event is organized by Insiders/Outsiders in partnership with the AJR.

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