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The Transfer of Jewish-owned Cultural Objects in the Alpe Adria Region


Dario Brasca, Christian Fuhrmeister, Emmanuele Pellegrini, eds


September 2019


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Daria Brasca, Christian Fuhrmeister, Emanuele Pellegrini, Introduction

Victoria Reed, Museum Acquisitions in the Era of the Washington Principles: Porcelain from the Emma Budge Estate

Gisèle Lévy, Looting Jewish Heritage in the Alpe Adria Region. Findings from the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) Historical Archives

Iva Pasini Tržec, Contentious Musealisation Process(es) of Jewish Art Collections in Croatia

Darija Alujević, Jewish-owned Art Collections in Zagreb: The Destiny of the Robert Deutsch Maceljski Collection

Antonija Mlikota, The Destiny of the Tilla Durieux Collection after its Transfer from Berlin to Zagreb

Daria Brasca, The Dispossession of Italian Jews: the Fate of Cultural Property in the Alpe Adria Region during Second World War

Camilla Da Dalt, The Case of Morpurgo De Nilma’s Art Collection in Trieste: from a Jewish Legacy to a ‘German Donation’

Cristina Cudicio, The Dissolution of a Jewish Collection: the Pincherle Family in Trieste

Elena Franchi, «The Chair with the Green Back and Yellow Flowers». Furniture and other Property
belonging to Jewish Families in Trieste during Second World War: the Frigessi Affair

Gabriele Anderl, Anneliese Schallmeiner, Sequestered/Confiscated Assets in Trieste: A List of Austrian Jewish Owners in Viennese Archives. A Workshop Report

Irene Bolzon, Fabio Verardo, Postwar Trials in Trieste: Collaboration and Crimes against Jewish property during the German Occupation

Antonia Bartoli, Flagging a Red Flag: Contextualizing the Activities of Alessandro Morandotti between 1939 and 1945 in Light of the Art Looting Investigation Unit Report (1946-1947)

Francesca Coccolo, Rodolfo Siviero between Fascism and the Cold War: Negotiating Art Restitution and ‘Exceptional Returns’ to Italy after Second World War

Caterina Zaru, The Affaire Ventura. Antiquarians and collaborators around the Second World War

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