The Life of Herbert Bier through his Archive, Talk, Wallace Collection, London, 6pm-8pm, 23 September 2019

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This will be a chance to view the archive material and hear a talk on the life of the art dealer Herbert Bier (1905-1981) in the Visitors’ Library at the Wallace Collection. Bier had clients from all over the world and dealt with top museums in Britain, America and Australia. His interests and expertise were wide-ranging and thousands of works of art went through his hands during his lifetime. He was meticulous record keeper and his archive is not only useful for provenance research of paintings but shows the discrimination he faced in Germany as well as life in London after he emigrated in 1936.

Part of the Insiders/Outsiders Festival -

The Wallace Collection is taking part in the Insiders Outsiders festival, a year long nationwide project celebrating refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British culture.

To attend this free event or for more information, please contact Morwenna Roche on or 020 7563 9586. Space limited to 25 people, booking essential.

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