Return of artworks by Bavaria to high-ranking Nazi families:

1 July 2016: Statement of Bavarian Culture Minister on the Staatsgemaeldesammlungen (State Paintings Collections)

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In response to only some of the questions raised by Dr Sepp Duerr, leader of the Green Party, on 29 June 2016 (reported in the BundesJustizPortal on 2 July), about the shabby behaviour of the Staatsgemaelde- sammlungen (State Paintings Collections), Minister Spaenle asserted that the doors of the  Collections are open to both families and researchers.

He denied that the Collections had blocked access to documentation and asserted that its doors are open to those who "have a legitimate interest", without specifying what a "legitimate" interest was and who would make that decision. He denied that the Collections were not transparent but did not address Dr Duerr's question of why its records have not been handed over to the State Archives in accordance with State law where they would be freely accessible. He did not at all  address the question of whether artworks had been returned to high-ranking Nazi families.

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