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Max J. Friedländer 1867-1958. Aphorismen aus Krieg- und Nachkriegszeit zum 150. Geburtstag


Ed. Suzanne Laemers


June 2017


Published on the occasion of Friedländer’s 150th anniversary and to coincide with the exhibition in his name being held at the Gemaeldegalerie in Berlin, the publication (in German; 88 pp.) consists of a selection from Friedländer’s Aphorismen aus Krieg- und Nachkriegszeit, a collection of notes about such topics as art and connoisseurship, the nature of man and Friedländer’s own personality. With an introduction by Suzanne Laemers. (Title in English: Max J. Friedländer 1867-1958, Aphorisms of the wartime and postwar period on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth)

The book has eight sections:

Ego (Ego)

Kunstkenntnis (Connoisseurship)

Gelehrsamkeit (Scholarship)

Sprache (Language)

Vom Wesen des Menschen (On Human Nature)

Von Juden-und Emigrantentum (On Jews and Emigrants)

Kunst der Gegenwart (Art of the Present)

Miscellanea (Miscellanea)

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