Meeting and Exchanges on the Archives of WWII Art Recovery, Centre des archives diplomatiques, La Courneuve, Paris, 6 July 2017

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Name : Rencontre/Echanges autour des archives de la Récupération artistique (Meeting and Exchanges on the Archives of WWII Art Recovery)

Location : Centre des archives diplomatiques, 3 rue Suzanne Masson, 93120 La Courneuve

Entrance : Free entrance. NB: Please bring an ID in order to pass the security control at the entrance of the building.

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The object of this event is to present archives – newly discovered – from the curator Rose Valland (original cards by Rose Valland registring the works of art looted by the nazis, 1940-1944 ; official reports for the Commission de Récupération Artistique and the French authorities in charge of the art recovery, 1945-1952 ; personal papers by Rose Valland, 1940-1980 ; Répertoire des Biens spoliés annotated ; various books and printed reports related to the art recovery) and to present the work done by the Directory of Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the questions of looted art and restitutions : finding aids, database, digitization. The Commission d’indemnisation des victims de spoliations (CIVS) will give a talk on the treatment of the requests received, especially from the archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This meeting will give a large part to the exchanges with the audience.

To see the pdf of the programme, click here.

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