Norman Palmer QC CBE :

Norman Palmer QC CBE - In Memoriam

In Memoriam – Norman Palmer QC CBE

Posted on: October 5, 2016 by Alexander Herman of the Institute of Art & Law

We are sad to announce that the Institute of Art & Law’s Academic Principal, Norman Palmer QC (Hon) CBE, has passed away. Norman was the guiding light of this organisation ever since its beginnings over twenty years ago. Along with his wife, Ruth Redmond-Cooper, he made the IAL what it is today. He provided countless hours of instruction to hundreds of students and will no doubt be sorely missed by all. His wisdom and intellectual curiosity led to the publication of foundational tomes, including Palmer on Bailment, Art Loans and Museums and the Holocaust, as well as dozens of articles in the area of art and cultural property law.


Norman Palmer was a great teacher, a great communicator, and a great developer of thought, law and practice on all the central issues of cultural property whether for governments, students, museums, cultural heritage bodies, or those expropriated by the Nazis.  The range of his public service was extensive, and included, until April 2015, acting as expert adviser to the UK's Spoliation Advisory Panel, to which he was appointed in May 2000 and served as a member until 2010. His clarity and vision was unique and he will be greatly missed. For more details about Norman Palmer and his career, see Five Stone Buildings