3 March 2017 Heirs of Hedwig Lewenstein-Weyermann, Robert Gotschalk Lewenstein and Wilhelmine Helena Lewenstein v Bayerische Landesbank

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The suit, filed in the US District Court, Southern District of New York, asserts that the plaintiffs are the owners of the Wassily Kandinsky painting 'Das Bunte Leben' which is on permanent loan to the Lenbachhaus museum in Munich, Germany, and owned since 1972 by the Bayerische Landesbank, a state-owned Bavarian bank. They assert that the painting was confiscated 'as a result of the Nazis' campaign of genocide during the Nazis' occupation of the Netherlands in 1940'. It was lent to the Stedelijk Museum in 1933 and in September 1940 handed over and put up for sale at the Frederik Muller & Co auction house in October 1940 with other works of art from the Lewenstein collection. The heirs allege that this was done without knowledge or authorisation of the owners and seek the return of the painting or compensation for its loss.
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