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Cultural Restitution and National Reconstruction: The Jewish Case after WWII, Conference, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 19 March 2014

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Speakers included:

Stefanie Mahrer on '"Much more than just another private collection" -The Rescue of Jewish Books in the '30s';

Ben Barkow on 'From Amsterdam to London: The Journey of the Wiener Library';

Dov Schidorsky on 'Books as Agents of Cultural Memory: Hannah Arendt's Rescuing of Jewish Cultural Goods after the Holocaust';

Dana Herman on 'Heirless Jewish Cultural Property: The American Government's Policy after World War ll';

Elizabeth Gallas on 'Saving the Remnants of Jewish Culture - American and Jewish Restitution Initiatives in Post War Germany';

Gish Amit on 'Common Past, Competing Futures: Redistributing Holocaust Victims' Books';

Anna Kawalko on 'Between Breslau and Wroclaw: Disputing the Saraval Collection after World War ll';

Marcus Kirchhoff on 'Questioning Provenances - Jewish Lost Books in Germany since the 1990s'.