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Provenance Project at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK), Høvikodden

The Provenance Page on the HOK site reads as below:

HOK's provenance project explores the history of ownership of works of art in the collection, with particular attention to works from the World War II era.

The HOK collection contains 18 works dated 1945 or earlier that were or might have been located in Europe during the Nazi regime (1933-1945). Nothing currently implies that there is anything suspicious about the history of these works, but HOK wishes to thoroughly research their provenance in light of new information, which has surfaced regarding the painting Woman in Blue in Front of Fireplace (or “Blue Dress in a Yellow Armchair”) by Henri Matisse from 1937.

In line with international policies, HOK has made efforts to be transparent and therefore publishes the list of works in question and their provenance as it is known today:

Pierre Bonnard, L`arbre près de la rivière,1912
Provenace: Mme. Jeanpierre (Bénézit), Paris

Henri Matisse, Les citrons, 1943
Provenance: Gal. Bénézit, Paris

Henri Matisse, Nature Morte, ca 1902
Provenance: Coll. Blot, Paris, Coll. De la Chapelle, Paris, Gal, Bénézit, Paris

Pablo Picasso, Femme assise dans un fauteil, 1941
Provenance: Gal. Bénézit, Paris

Pablo Picasso, Femme assise dans un fauteuil, 1941
Provenance: Niveau Gallery, New York 1958, Hahn Gallery, New York

Juan Gris, Guitare et compotier, 1919
Provenance: Coll. Raoul la Roche; Leonce Rosenberg, Paris; Gall. Balay et Carré, Paris; Jaques Seligmann & Co, Gallery, New York; Kleemann Gallery, New York.

Juan Gris, Le Journal, 1918.
Provenance: Coll. Dr. Fritz Heer, Zürich: Perls Gallery New York.

Juan Gris, Femme avec écharpe, 1924.
Provenance: Coll. Madame Bela Hein, Paris: Knoedler Gallery, New York: Curt Valentin Gallery, New York, Frank Perls Gallery, Los Angeles. Gal. Benador, Genève.

Juan Gris, Guitare, pommes et carace, 1926.
Provenance: Gal. Simon, Paris.

Paul Klee, Um Sieben über Dächern, 1930.
Provenance: Gal. Simon, Paris. Flechtheim, Berlin: Gustav Knauar, Berlin.

Charles Lapicque, Toitures à Paris, 1943.
Provenance: Gal. Louis Carré, Paris 1943.
Coll M. Spirer, Coll. Sylvie Galanis, innkjøpt fra Gal. Villand & Galanis, Paris 1964.

Charles Lapicque, Vieil home avec son chien, 1944.
Provenance: Gal. Louis Carrè, Paris. Coll.M. Spirer. Coll. Sylvie Galanis. Innkjøpt fra Gal. Villand & Galanis, Paris 1964.

Charles Lapique, Cheval attach à un arbre, 1943.
Provenance: Coll. Willy Grubben, Brussel. Gal. Louis Carré, Paris. Coll. Sylvie Galanis. Innkjøpt fra from Gal. Villand & Galanis, Paris 1964.

Fernand Léger, Composition avec figure, 1930.
Provenance: Coll. Chester Johnsen Gallery, Chicago: Walther P. Chrysler Jr., New York: Frank Perls Gallery. New York.

Fernand Léger, Le deaux profils, 1933.
Provenance: Frank Perls Gallery, New York.

Jaques Villon, Le Cirque, 1933.
Provenance: Tannenbaum Gallery, New York.

Jaques Villon, Les jardiniers, 1943.
Provenance: Gal. H. Matarasso, Nice.

Jaques Villon, La petite ville, 1944.
Provenance: Gal. Louis Carré, Paris.

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