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Cultural Heritage and Arts Interest Group of the American Society of International Law


December 2012


Journal of the Cultural Heritage and Arts interest group of the American Society of International Law (ASIL). They write of their group:

The international law of cultural heritage and the arts has typically been concerned with artistic objects and cultural property, yet in a broader sense the law of cultural heritage also applies to intangible aspects of culture, or “living” cultural heritage, which involves the customs and practices of traditional and indigenous cultures. 

Some of the focal points in this area of law include: the illicit trade in looted antiquities and stolen works of art; intergovernmental cooperation on interdiction; the arbitration of disputes over ownership of works of art; the preservation of historic and world heritage sites; the rights of indigenous and minority cultures relating to the preservation of their “living” heritage; the protection of cultural property in armed conflict; museum law; and underwater cultural heritage.

Our Interest Group brings together practitioners, government officials, museum officials, scholars, and students with an interest in the international law of cultural heritage and the arts.  The group’s activities include publishing a newsletter, sponsoring panels and lectures on related topics, and promoting an exchange of ideas through the group’s list serve.

There are four Journals published to date:

Journal 1 (1) Spring 2010

Journal 1 (2) Fall/Winter 2010

Journal 2 (1) Summer 2011

Journal 2 (2) Winter 2012

The latest volume, Winter 2012,  includes these articles:

Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran: Satisfying U.S. Judgments Against Foreign Sovereigns by Seizing Museum Collections, Kimberly Alderman and Elizabeth Varner
Executive Weapons to Combat Infection of the Art Market, Jennifer Anglim Kreder
Meet the Artist: Susanne Slavick: The R&R (…&R) PROJECT and Animating Absence, Elizabeth Varner and Betina Kuzmarov
“Confronting Complexity in the Preservation of Cultural Property”, Summary of the 2012 ASIL Annual Meeting Panel Presentation

Summer 2011 includes these articles:

What’s A Renoir Authenticity Case Doing In A Small Claims Court Like This?, Justice Barbara Jaffe
What the Lady Has Wrought: The Ramifications of the Portrait of Wally Case, Howard N Spiegler
Accounting for Bolshevik Looted Art: Moral and Legal Imperatives. Allan Gerson
A Conference Report: Human Rights and Cultural Heritage, Lucille Roussin
The Fine Art of Privacy in New York, Jenna M Jordan
Book Review: Protecting Cultural Property in Armed Conflict, Jan Hladik

Fall/Winter 2010 includes these articles:

California Enacts Law on Looted Art Claims, Andrew Adler
The Lubomirski Dürers: A Case for Legal and Moral Restitution, Andreas Cwitkovits and Mickela Moore
Immunity from Seizure in the Netherlands, Nout van Woudenberg
Enhanced Protection of Cultural Property in War, Jan Hladik
Questions by Patty Gerstenblith, with Interest Group Assistance:Legal Obstacles to Museum Deaccessioning
Sovereign Immunity and Restitution, Cristian DeFrancia
Court Battles Continue on Technical Defenses in Bakalar and Grosz, Jennifer Kreder
Ancient Meets Modern: A Primer on Restitution Law, Howard Spiegler and Yael Weitz
The Global Development of Cultural Law & Policy, Michela Cocchi
Immunity from Seizure: in Germany, Matthias Weller

Spring 2010 includes these articles:

Panel Report: State Department Nazi-Looted Art Commission
The Protection of Culture as a Shared Interest in Humanity, Michela Cocchi
Should Cultural Heritage Be on the Judicial Auction Block?, Laina Lopez
The UK’s Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act of 2009, Charlotte Woodhead
Sotheby’s Sets Record for Klimt’s Kirche in Cassone, Andreas Cwitkovits & Irina Tarsis
Cultural Property in Armed Conflict, Karim Peltonen & Nout van Woudenberg
Immunity from Seizure: Is it Customary International Law?, Nout van Woudenberg

Source re-accessed 8 July 2013

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