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L'Irréparable. Itinéraires d'artistes et d’amateurs d’art juifs, réfugiés du Troisième Reich en France


Anne Grynberg and Johanna Linsler (eds)


July 2013


The book describes, in German and French with English and Hebrew summaries, the fate of Jewish artists, artists and art collectors who sought protection from the Nazi regime in France: Otto Freundlich, Leo Maillet, D. Jesekiel Kirszenbaum, Horst Rosenthal, Johanna Mandello (de Bauer), Willibald Duschnitz and Paul Westheim.

France was considered a country of human rights, but many immigrants were disillusioned: the country, weakened by economic crisis and fears of a military strike, was increasingly xenophobic and tightened its immigration policy. Some of the artists and collectors preserved a place in posterity, but others fell into oblivion as victims of the Holocaust, their work destroyed, and are counted among the generation of "forgotten artists.

Veröffentlichungen der Koordinierungsstelle Magdeburg, Band 9, bearb. v. Andrea Baresel-Brand, Magdeburg 2012.
Bilingual (Französisch-Deutsch) mit englischen u. hebräischen Zusammenfassungen, Abbildungen, 14,5 x 21,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-9811367-6-0
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