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ZADIK digitises the records of Galerie Thannhauser and ten other dealers April 2013

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ZADIK (the Zentralarchiv des internationalen Kunsthandels) has digitised the records of the following dealers covering the noted dates.

These are all now searchable online;
Galerie Der Spiegel of Köln 1945-1993;

Galerie Zwirner Essen and Köln, from1953
Moderne Galerie Otto Stangl of München 1949-1991
Galerie Inge Baecker of Bpchum and Köln, from 1970;

Galerie Parnass of Wuppertal-Elberfeld 1949-1965;

Edition & Galerie Hundertmark of Berlin, Köln, Frankfurt and Gran Canaria, from 1970;

Galerie Michael Hertz of Bremen 1931-1981;

Galerie Erhard Klein of Bonn and Bad Münstereifel-Mutscheid, from 1970;
Galerie Rudolf Springer of Berlin from 1948; Galerie Heiner Friedrich of München and Köln from 1963;
Galerie Aachen of Aachen 1965-1967;
Galerie Heinz Teufel of Koblenz, Köln, Mahlberg and Dresden 1966-1996;
Galerien Thannhauser of München, Luzern, Berlin, Paris, (New York) 1919-1971;

Galerie Dorothea Loehr of Frankfurt 1959-1993;

Kritikerin Anna Klapheck
of Düsseldorf 1929-1986;
Kritiker Albert Schulze of Vellinghausen 1905-1967;
Mary Bauermeister from 1951 (in process).

For further information, access the online records here. Click here to visit the Zadik homepage.
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