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Erkanntes und Erlebtes Die Geschichte eines Buches des protestantischen Gelehrten Wilhelm Wundt aus dem Besitz des j├╝dischen Apothekers Leopold Scheyer


Karin Andert, Niko Kohls


December 2012


'Recognition and Experience: The Story of a Book by the Protestant Writer Wilhelm Wundt and its Ownership by the Jewish Chemist Leopold Scheyer'.

The tracing of the history of a book and its owner by two fellows of the Samueli Institute in Virginia, USA, Acquired at online auction from the Free University Library in Berlin, the book was looted and bore the name 'Leopold Scheyer'. Andert and Kohls discovered the tragic history of Scheyer and returned the book to his family.

To read the article by Andert and Kohls, click here.


Bibliothekdienst 46. JG. (2012) H.11
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