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Restitution of two German Renaissance clocks to the Eugen Gutmann family by the Landesmuseum Württemberg 29 November 2012

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29 November 2012: The Landesmuseum Württemberg has announced the restitution of two very important renaissance clocks from the collection of Eugen Gutmann, founder of the Dresdner Bank. The clocks had been the subject of a forced sale to the Nazi dealer Julius Böhler of Munich in 1942 by Gutmann's son, Fritz, who lived in The Netherlands and was subsequently deported with his wife and murdered. The restitution was initiated by his grandson, Simon Goodman, who contacted the Museum's provenance researcher in 2011. One is a square gold and silver table clock by Johann Reinhold, dated to 1581/1592 in Augsburg, and representing the pinnacle of watchmaking in the German Renaissance. The second is a gold 'Orpheus' clock, from c 1560 decorated in outstandingly beautiful relief with the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Both clocks were acquired by the Museum in 1973 and will remain in the Museum. To read the Museum's press release, click here.
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