Art Historical Resources :

ARTtheses – Research Data Base Art History

The ARTtheses Database is based on announcements of the subjects of PhD and Master theses, either started or completed, in Germany and a number of other countries. Until 2010 these were published annually in the August and September /October issues of the specialist journal Kunstchronik.

Till the beginning of 2009, information on theses published since 1985 was made available to all on the homepage of the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg.  Since then this database, slightly changed in its functionality, became available as 'ARTtheses – Research Data Base Art History' on the ZI-Website.

ARTtheses database covers the years 1985 to 2011 and the theses are thematically indexed (by approach, geography, artist and other subjects). This is a project of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte Munich and the Bildarchiv Foto Marburg and is led by PD Dr. Christine Tauber.