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Database of Jewish businesses in Berlin 1930-1945

October 2012: The long-term project of recording and analysing data of Jewish businesses in Berlin now has an online database; a book,.Ausverkauf. Die Vernichtung der jüdischen Gewerbetätigkeit in Berlin 1930-1945' will follow in November 2012.

The database is at and can be searched by name, by city and by type of company.

The database of Jewish businesses in Berlin was created between 2005 and 2011 as part of a research project at the Department of German History in the 20th Century up to the Humboldt University Berlin, ' Sold: The destruction of Jewish economic activity in Berlin 1930-1945'.

The database provides the most important basic data (name, address, business sector, industry, entry of the company and its deletion) on 8,012 companies which in 1933 were demonstrably considered Jewish and were therefore pursued.

The database is based on the complete records of the Central Commercial Register and of the German Reich and Prussian State Gazette Gazette which published changes in the Berlin trade register, as well as on various archival records, contemporary newspapers and pamphlets. Their structure is described in detail in an article in the upcoming yearbook of the National Archives in Berlin.

The Berlin State Archive and the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin have a full version of the database containing more detailed information, for example, on the legal structure and the shareholders of businesses as well as the raw data of some 44,000 other companies, including sources and cross-references.

The editors of the database were Eva Balz, Gerd Herzog, Stefan Hördler, Henning Medert, Anne Paltian, Jan Schleusener, Elizabeth Weber, and Peter Bjorn Weigel Woitkowski. The database was programmed by Marko Eitel and Thomas Meyer.