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Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam: Missing items and items whose owners are being sought

Looted Judaica: Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam: Database of lost objects of the prewar collection and objects with unknown provenance of the present collection

American soldier, with objects of the Jewish Historical Museum, found in a safe in Hungen, 1945. Photo Lincoln Kirstein CollectionSince 2000 the Jewish Historical Museum (JHM) has been conducting research into the wartime history of its collection . The collection was confiscated by the Nazis in 1943 and transported to Germany. Those items that returned from the Central Collecting Point (CCP) in Offenbach to the Netherlands in 1946 formed the basis of the collection of the reopened Museum in 1955.

From the research the JHM has learned that a number of objects that were transported to Germany are still missing. The JHM is looking for the whereabouts of these objects.

Among the objects of the present museum collection are items whose provenance is unknown. Some of these objects arrived from the CCP in Offenbach. Others are prewar loans. The JHM is looking for the heirs of these pre-war lenders.

The database was launched in October 2011. To seach the database, and for further information, click here.