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January 2011


The articles in the second issue of the Journal are set out below.  To read the Journal, click here

Yale Agrees to Repatriation of Machu Picchu Artifacts Page 3
Kimberly Alderman

Artifacts from Tutankhamun’s Tomb Return to Egypt Page 5
Jennifer Boger

California Enacts Law on Looted Art Claims Page 8
Andrew Adler

The Lubomirski Dürers: A Case for Legal and Moral Restitution Page 11
Andreas Cwitkovits and Mickela Moore

Art Theft Statistics: A Need for Reliablity Page 13
Mark Durney

Immunity from Seizure in the Netherlands Page 16
Nout van Woudenberg

Enhanced Protection of Cultural Property in War Page 19
Jan Hladik

Q&A with Corine Wegener, U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield Page 23
Questions by Patty Gerstenblith, with Interest Group Assistance

Legal Obstacles to Museum Deaccessioning Page 27
Patty Gerstenblith

Sovereign Immunity and Restitution Page 32
Cristian DeFrancia

Court Battles Continue on Technical Defenses in Bakalar and Grosz Page 38
Jennifer Kreder

Language as Property: The Case of the Mapuche People Page 40
Michael Pulos

Ancient Meets Modern: A Primer on Restitution Law Page 43
Howard Spiegler and Yael Weitz

The Global Development of Cultural Law & Policy Page 48
Michela Cocchi

Immunity from Seizure: in Germany Page 52
Matthias Weller

Book Review: Bonnie Czegledi’s Crimes Against Art Page 55
J eana Lawson

Art & Antiquity Trafficking News Notes Page 56
Melissa A. Arnold, Elizabeth Chaulk, Thomas J. Dall, Mark Durney,
Virginia Fox, Jerrilynn Gundrum, and Laurence Haas

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