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Provenienzforschung in München - ein Einblick in laufende Projekte. Kolloquium 17.30 Wednesday 6 October 2010 (Provenance Research in Munich - An insight into ongoing projects: Colloquium 17.30 Wednesday 6 October 2010)

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17:30 h
Welcoming Remarks
Wolf Tegethoff

The significance of the Munich art market in the first half of the 20th century from the perspective of the Post for Provenance Research and Investigation at the Institute for Museum Research at the National Museums in Berlin - Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage
Uwe Hartmann

17:45 h
Provenance Research at the Bavarian State Painting Collections: Museum History 1933-1945 
Andrea Bambi

The Research Project on the Confiscation of Jewish Art Collections in Munich 1938/39
Vanessa Voigt and Horst Keßler

18:30 h
"Galerie Heinemann online“ ( – A Cooperation between the German Archive of Fine Arts at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg (Project Management) and the Central Institute for Art History
Stephan Klingen

Biographical Research – Short Presentation I
Lili Charlotte Heinemann (1897-1964)
Claudia Kapsner

Biographical Research – Short Presentation II
Fritz David Heinemann (1905-1983)
Judith Csiki

The takeover of Galerie Heinemann by Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf 1938-1941
Meike Hopp
19:15 h
Why the art auction house is researching its history
Katrin Stoll

Adolf Weinmüller’s art dealers’ and auction houses in Munich and Vienna 1936-1945 - A Cooperation between the Central Institute for Art History (Project Management) and the Neumeister Fine Art Auctioneers, Munich
Meike Hopp
19:45 h
Art Market and Provenance Research in Munich: ambitions and perspectives
Christian Fuhrmeister
20:00 h
Closing Discussion

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (Central Institute for Art History)
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