'Aryanization' and the Spoliation of Jews in Nazi Europe(1933-1945) Grenoble, France, 3-6 June 2010

Events and Conferences
Veranstalter: City of Grenoble, Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, CRHIPA (Grenoble University II), IRICE (CNRS, Paris), CRHQ (CNRS, Caen), Department of Modern German History (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Research Centre for Contemporary History (Hamburg) Grenoble
Datum, Ort: 01.06.2010-03.06.2010, Departmental Archives
Deadline: 31.05.2010

The conference aimed to compare the Aryanization policies throughout Nazi Europe with special regard to the local characteristics and the diversity of the institutional and unofficial actors involved.

June, 1st
VIALLET Hélène (Director of the Isère Departmental Archives)


“Aryanization”: a Nazi Policy Chair: BAJOHR Frank
(Research Centre for Contemporary History, Hamburg)

Keynote: MICHMAN Dan (Bar-Ilan University and Yad Vashem), Economic Persecution of the Jews, 1933-1945: Its Changing Place in the Overall Antisemitic Goals of Nazi Germany

CHAPOUTOT Johann (Grenoble II University), “Aryanization”: The Meaning of a Word in Nazi Newspeak

NIETZEL Benno (Department of History, University of Cologne), The destruction of Jewish Economic Existence in Germany, 1933-1941

(11h15-11h30: Break)

BAILER-GALANDA Brigitte (The Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance, University of Vienna), An Unprecedented Expropriation of Property: “Aryanization” in Austria

KREUTZMUELLER Christoph (Department of Modern German History, Humboldt University, Berlin), “Aryanization” in an “Aryan” Country: The Netherlands

The Bureaucracy as an Essential Aspect of “Aryanization”
Chair: AGLAN Alya (IRICE-Paris, CNRS)

Keynote: BARUCH Marc Olivier (AHMOC-EHESS, Paris), “Where’s the problem? We just did our Job”

DRECOLL Axel (Institute of Contemporary History, Munich, director of the Documentation Center Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden), The Fiscal Authorities and the Persecution of Jews in Bavaria

PARZER Robert (Humboldt University, Berlin), The Politics of “Aryanization” in Danzig

(16h00-16h15: Break)

DE CRISTOFARO Ernesto (Storia del diritto medievale e moderno Università di Catania), The Spoliation of Italy’s Jews: Theories and Legal Practices

SCHRAM Laurence (Musée juif de la Déportation et de la Résistance/Kazerne Dossin, Malines), “De-judaisation” of the Belgian Economy: A Step of the “Final Solution”

VERHEYDE Philippe (IDHE, Paris VIII University), Ordinary Administrations for an Extraordinary Policy in Vichy France

June, 2nd
Societies and social actors
Chair: KREUTZMUELLER Christoph
(Department of Modern German History, Humboldt University, Berlin)

Keynote: BAJOHR Frank (Research Centre for Contemporary History, Hamburg), “Aryanization” as a Social Process: Participants, Intermediaries, Beneficiaries

SANSICO Virginie (CRHQ-Caen, CNRS), Accommodating social violence against Jews and their Property, Applying “Aryanization”: Justice and Police in Vichy France

GRABOWSKI Jan (University of Ottawa), “Aryanization” of Jewish Property in the General government, 1939-1945

(11h00-11h15: Break)

HOREL Catherine (IRICE-Paris, CNRS), “Aryanization” policies in Hungary and Slovakia, 1938-1942. Uneven intentions and realizations

LE BOT Florent (IDHE, ENS Cachan), Participating in Theft: The Financial and Industrial Leather Company (SIFIC) and the Spoliation of the Competition

JOLY Laurent (CRHQ-Caen, CNRS), The Provisional Administrators, Armed Wing of the Commissariat-General for Jewish Affairs (CGQJ)

From “Aryanization” to “Final Solution”
Chair: INGRAO Christian (IHTP, CNRS)

Keynote: VAN PELT Robert Jan (University of Waterloo), “Aryanization”, the Genocide of the Jews, and Locke’s Second Treatise: A Reflection

LOOSE Ingo (Humboldt University, Berlin), “Learning by doing in Nazi Germany?” From “Aryanization” to Massive Plunder in Occupied Poland, 1938-1945

WEISS-WENDT Anton (Research Department Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Oslo), Keeping what is not Rightfully Theirs: Confiscation of Jewish Property in Estonia

(16h00-16h15: Break)
DOULUT Alexandre (Paris VII University), “Aryanization” of the property of Jews Deported from France

KORB Alexander (Humboldt University, Berlin/School for Historical Studies at the University of Leicester), Utopia and Violence: “Nationalization” in Croatia, 1941-1945

RUPNOW Dirk (Institute for Contemporary History, University of Innsbruck/Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM), “Aryanizing” Memory: Another Perspective on the Spoliation of Jews in Nazi Europe

June, 3th
“Aryanization” as a National Policy throughout Hitler’s Europe
Chair: MATARD-BONUCCI Marie-Anne
(CRHIPA, Grenoble University II)

PAVAN Ilaria (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), The Neglected Spoliation: The Case of Italy, 1938-1945

WEBER Elisabeth (Humboldt University, Berlin), The “Romanianization” of Jewish Property, 1940-1944

BRUTTMANN Tal (Ville de Grenoble), Vichy and the Implementation of “Aryanization”

BRULAND BJARTE (Jewish Museum, Oslo), Norway: The Liquidation of Jewish property

(11h00-11h15: Break)

11h15-12h15: Conclusions



City of Grenoble, Rue Auguste Prudhomme


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