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Gems from Pandora's Box: Jewellery, Treasure and the Assessment of Value: The Legal and Ethical Issues, London 3 December 2009

A recent surge of cases on jewellery, gemstones and other high-value portable assets has cast into sharp relief the need to understand common law and statutory principles when engaging in any high-value transaction regarding chattels.  Issues range from liability for loss, the assessment of damages, expert evidence, liability for fakes and forgeries and the potential identity of stolen jewellery as criminal property and the proceeds of crime.

This half-day study forum will take a practical and realistic look at the ways in which modern judges are handling these issues and the steps needed to avoid unacceptable consequences.  Though based around cases on jewellery and treasure, the seminar will deal with principles that are common to all valuable portable assets: paintings, decorative art, antiquities, manuscripts and historical material at large.  It presents an opportunity for collectors, dealers, auction houses, insurers and others to interact and compare experiences through the medium of a common legal and ethical background.

Speakers include Jonathan Wood (Partner, Clyde & Co), Professor Norman Palmer (Counsel, 3 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn and Chair, Treasure Valuation Committee), Trevor Austin (General Secretary of the National Council for Metal Detecting) Tony Baumgartner (Clyde & Co) and Samson Spanier.

A seminar organised by the Institute of Art and Law. For further details and to reserve a place, see