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'The Banker's Daughter'

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The Banker's Daughter


Caroline Thonger


November 2007


The story of the family of Max Steinthal, director of the Deutsche Bank Berlin, and his daughter Eva, written by her granddaughter. 

Max Steinthal lived in great wealth in Berlin where his villa housed a great art collection.  Eva, his daughter, was born in the 1890s and lived a privileged life until Hitler came to power.  Max was stripped of all his wealth, and Eva and her family fled and were scattered.  She ended up in Peru, unable to speak a word of Spanish. This book, based on extensive family papers, describes both her early life in Berlin and her adventures after she moved to South America. 


The publisher describes the book as below:

"An impossible love-triangle is set against the dramatic events of Germany's past, from pre WWI to the Third Reich.

How will Eva, born in the last decade of the 19th century as the 3rd child of one of the richest men in Berlin, be affected by the horrors of WWI, the terrible aftermath of defeat, the influenza pandemic, anarchy and hyperinflation? Locked into a loveless marriage, she undertakes a dangerous liaison with an older married man. Once Hitler is in power, her family is scattered and she suffers the ultimate betrayal: exile from her own country. She escapes the Holocaust by ending up on the other side of the world. Unable to speak a word of the language, how will she now survive, alone and friendless, in an alien land?"

This book was published by Merton Priory Press in November 2007: 256 pages (with 76 black-and-white photos) ISBN 978-1-898937-71-5

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