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Artful Tom


Thomas Hoving


April 2009


Artnet Magazine is publishing in serial form Artful Tom, a memoir by Tom Hoving.  The first chapter appeared on 4 April 2009.

Tom Hoving describes it as a "reveal-all memoir" in which he tells:  

"* Secrets about my madcap, wealthy socialite step-mother.

 * How petty theft ignited my art interests.

 * How I smuggled art treasures from Europe as a young curator.

 * How I helped the Italians get back my beloved million-dollar Euphronios krater.

 * Why I got fired from Connoisseur magazine.

 * The inside story of the Getty Museum's corrupt Greek and Roman department.

 * How I got the police to move bodies out of Central Park as Commissioner of Parks

 * Why I loathed being director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

 * Inside stories of ABC's magazine-of-the-air 20/20.

 * When the Mona Lisa was sprinkled with water all night at the Metropolitan

 * How I suckered France out of one of its prime medieval treasures."


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