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Gedenkbuch: Memorial Book for the German Victims of the Holocaust


Bundesarchiv Germany


January 2008


The four-volume printed version of the 2nd edition of the German Memorial Book for the Victims of the Holocaust who originated from Germany is now online and fully searchable.  

A press release from the German Federal Archives (in German only)  describes the changes since the publication of the printed version.  Among the changes mentioned is the number of entries for individual victims which has risen by 9,870 names from 149,625 to 159,495.  The work is by no means complete and people with further information about victims are asked to send it in.   

A large part of the new names consist of individuals who were regarded as Polish citizens and deported to the Polish border from October 27, 28 and 29, 1938, mostly to what was then the border station Bentschen (now Zbaszyn), but also to Konitz (Chojnice) and Beuthen (Bytom).  By this measure, the Nazi authorities aimed to act against a new Polish law  which had declared invalid the Polish passports of Poles who had lived outside Poland for more than five years, itself an attempt to stop the Nazisfrom sending Polish Jews back to Poland.

A computer terminal with direct access to the online Memorial Book has been installed at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

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Source accessed 12 February 2008

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