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Im Labyrinth des Rechts? Wege zum Kulturg├╝terschutz (In the Legal Labyrinth? Paths towards Cultural Property Protection)


Susanne Schoen and Andrea Baresel-Brand (eds)




This publication is Volume 5 in a series published by the Koordinierungsstelle Magdeburg on issues relating to cultural property looted or displaced from private and public collections in Europe during the Second World War.  The papers  derive from a conference of the same name held on 9-10 October 2006 in Bonn.

The focus of the volume are the legal issues raised by or involved in cultural property restitution.

The authors and their subjects are the following (in order of publication):
Tobias H. Irmscher: The Protection of Cultural Property in Public International Law – the case of German “Trophy Art” in Russia
Michael M. Franz: Looted Art and Practical Aspects of the Work of the Koordinierungsstelle für Kulturgutverluste
Uwe Hartmann: Goals and possibilities of internet portals
Susanne Schoen: A Legally Binding Obligation to Return – “Safe Conduct” for Cultural Property
Dirk Looschelders: Owners’ Civil Law-based Claims for Restitution of Looted Cultural Property in German Legislation
Heinz-Peter Mansel: The Importance of Private International Law for Restitution Claims Brought by Owners of Lost Cultural Property
Julia El-Bitar: The French Solution to Protecting Cultural Property as Res Eztra Commercium: a Model for Germany?
Marcus Schönfelder: Illicit Trafficking in German Cultural Property – Possibilities and Limitations of Police Action
Dorothea Kathmann: Restitution of Lost Art – Experience and Success Record of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation
Robert Kirchmaier: Provision of Cultural Assets on a Permanent Loan Basis to Public Institutions
Susanne Wichert-Meissner: Temporary Loan Agreement for Cultural Assets from Abroad
Klaus-Dieter Pütthoff: Public Procurement Law and Transportation of Art Objects
Norman Palmer: Painting the Wayside Flower: Law, Ethics and Regulation in the Art and Antiquities Market: A common law perspective
All contributions are in German with English summaries except Norman Palmer’s contribution which is published in both German and English.
ISBN 978-3-981 1 367-2-2
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