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Rescuing Da Vinci


Robert M Edsel


November 2006


This book tells the story of the Nazi theft and Allied rescue of Europe's art in brief text and hundreds of photographs of the period.  Many of the photographs have rarely been published before.  They illustrate both the looting carried out throughout Europe by the Nazis and the efforts of the 'Monuments Men', Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives officers from America and Britain, drawn from the ranks of museum curators and art historians, to locate and recover the vast amount of looted art subsequently hidden by the Nazis in Germany and Austria.  

Rescuing Da Vinci was published in 2006 by Laurel Publishing LLC Dallas, ISBN 0-97743349-4-X. 

Extensive details about the book and its background can be found on the website of the author, Robert Edsel.  To visit the site, click here

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