The 7th International Law Seminar: "Resolution of Cultural Property Disputes" 23 May 2003

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The 7th International Law Seminar: "Resolution of Cultural Property Disputes"

Permanent Court of Arbitration
Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands
Date of Event
23 May 2003

The 7th International Law Seminar conference addressed the problems of the limited nature of national and international legislation to aid the resolution of cultural property disputes. It dealt with historical claims to cultural patrimony and illegally exported archaeological artefacts.

Recently two developments have impacted on the art world: the creation of registers of stolen art and of commissions and working groups devoted to restitution of World War II looed art. The registers of stolen art are providing the art world with much needed provenance information when available. The commissions and working groups are actively involved in claims.

Speakers at the one-day seminar included: Nancy Yeide, co-author of the AAM Guide to Provenance Research and Head of the Department of Curatorial Records, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Lucian Simmons, European Business Director, Sotheby's, Lyndel Prott, former Director of UNESCO Division of Cultural Heritage, Constance Lowenthal, former Director of the Commission for Art Recovery, the researcher Konstantin Akinsha (former Deputy Research Director of the US Presidential Commission on Holocaust Era Assets), Professor Norman Palmer, Chairman of the UK Ministerial Advisory Committee on Illicit Trade in Cultural Objects, Member of the UK Spoliation Advisory Panel, Principal Academic Adviser, Institute of Art and Law (from 1995) and Professor of Commercial Law at University College London.

The Seminar focused on provenance, World War II looted art, legal issues associated with restitution and dispute mechanisms relating to cultural property.

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