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Edward Fowles (1885-1971)

Edward Fowles (1885-1971), Duveen Brothers

Archives of American Art: Interview, 21 August 1959; Oral History Collection

Fowles directed the Paris branch of Duveen Brothers from 1917 to 1938 until he purchased the firm in 1939. In 1964, he sold the firm to the Norton Simon Foundation. His widow, Jean Fowles, gave the files of Duveen Brothers to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The files are now at the Getty Research Institute.

The Archives of American Art have an interview with Edward Fowles conducted by John D. Morse for the Archives of American Art on 21 August 1959. Fowles speaks of his childhood in England, working for the Duveen Brothers, and his experiences as a dealer. Fowles also discusses art criticism, the art market, and trends in art collecting.

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Archives of American Art Oral History Collection, 1 sound tape reel, transcript on one microfilm reel: call number: 3417.

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