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Hartley Library, University of Southampton: Jewish Archives


Hartley Library, University of Southampton: Jewish Archives

The Hartley Library of the University of Southampton has many resources devoted to Jewish studies. Their website contains an online database with a survey of Jewish Archives in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The purpose of the survey is to bring together on a computerised database information about papers, held both publicly and privately, relating to Jewish individuals and families and Jewish organisations, congregations, and communities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Special Collections Division, located on level 4 of the Hartley Library, has materials of significance or rarity together with manuscripts and archives totalling some 4 million items. It houses the Parkes Library and the Archives and Manuscripts Collections, which have particularly strong holdings of Jewish documents both printed and manuscript.

· The Parkes Library: Most of the stock is on open access and can be used whenever the Hartley Library is open. The Parkes Library and associated archives are some of the most important collections in Western Europe for the study of Jewish history and in particular for the study of relationships between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. More than 500 collections of manuscripts, containing more than two million items, provide one of the most significant assemblages of primary sources for the study of Anglo-Jewish history of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Holdings include the private and official papers of Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld, containing a large section relating to the Chief Rabbi's Religious Emergency Council and the rescue of members of the Jewish community from Central and Eastern Europe in the 1930s and 1940s and material relating to the consideration of the Jewish question at the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle.
· The Archives and Manuscripts Collections: The holdings are principally of nineteenth  and twentieth century date. They focus particularly on political and military topics, on Anglo-Jewry, and on the relationship between the Jews and other peoples. More than 550 collections of manuscripts in this field embracing many aspects of Anglo-Jewry are accessible. The library also possesses transcripts and related papers for the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, together with a more substantial and relatively complete set of transcripts and related papers for the twelve subsequent United States zonal trials at Nuremberg. All visits to the Archives and Manuscripts Collections should be made by prior appointment. This appointment should be made in writing if a researcher is making a first visit and the letter should be directed to the Archivist and Head of Special Collections at the address below.

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