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Lost Art Internet Database www.lostart.de

Lost Art Internet Database www.lostart.de  

The Lost Art Internet Database was set up following provisions in the Joint Declaration by the Federal Government, the Länder (Federal States) and the National Associations of Local Authorities on the tracing and return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property (December 1999). It is a trilingual site (German, English and Russian) run by the Coordination Office for Lost Cultural Assets (Koordinierungsstelle für Kulturgutverluste) based in Magdeburg.

The Coordination Office publishes research on the Lost Art Internet Database regarding cultural property lost by German institutions during the war and cultural property seized or looted by the Nazis. 

The Lost Art Internet Database publishes both information posted on the site by institutions or individuals searching for objects and reports by institutions which hold objects they suspect may have been looted by the Nazis. It also provides an extensive bibliography on the topic and links to other countries' national sites on looted art.

Contact Information
Coordination Office (Koordinierungsstelle Magdeburg)
Turmschanzenstaße  32
39114 Magdeburg
Tel: +49 (0) 391 567 3891/3/4/8

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