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Looted works of art transferred to the Jewish Museum in Prague for the purposes of restitution under Law No. 212/2000

Looted works of art transferred to the Jewish Museum in Prague for the purposes of restitution under Law No. 212/2000

23 June 2000

The following is a list of works of art looted during the Holocaust in Bohemia and Moravia. These objects are currently owned by state-controlled Czech institutions (museums and galleries), which are obliged to return the works to their original owners or their heirs. According to the provisions of the law, many of the listed items were to be transferred to the Jewish Museum in Prague.  The works of art are listed below.  The Jewish Museum in Prague subsequently listed the works of art with images and other details on their website.  This can be accessed at: www.jewishmuseum.cz/en/aseznam.htm.


Section 6 
(1) The provisions in Part One of this Act shall take effect on the first day of the second month after the date of promulgation.
(2) The provisions in Part Two of this Act shall take effect on the date of promulgation.

Schedule to Act No. 212/2000 
Assets owned by the State to be transferred under Section 1, paragraph (2)

· 6. JEWISH MUSEUM 27 486, Frant. Meister, Mercury with Actaeon and Herd, oil, 950x770mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10733, Central European painter, 1st half of 18th century, Mythological Scene, oil, canvas, 945x770mm
· 7. JEWISH MUSEUM 60537, V. Špála, Illustration from "Babic8. ka", watercolour, 295x440mm
· 8. NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5310, Špála Václav, Illustration from "Babicka", watercolour, 295x 440mm
· 9. JEWISH MUSEUM 60539, V. Špála, Rustic Jug, oil, 450x360mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11013, Špála Václav, Bouquet in a Blue Vase, oil, canvas, 460x370mm
· 10. JEWISH MUSEUM 60540, Jan Slavíc11. ek, Still Life, watercolour, 620x500mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5309, Slavícek Jan, Still Life, watercolour, 620x500mm
· 12. JEWISH MUSEUM 60 556, Žufan, Farmyard, watercolour, 240x310mm
NATIONAL GALLERY K 43125, Žufan Borivoj, Farmyard, watercolour, 240x310mm
· 13. JEWISH MUSEUM 60569, Max Schurmann, Countryside in Spring, oil, 770x620mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11007, Schurmann Max, Road above a Village, oil, cardboard, 770x615mm
· 14. JEWISH MUSEUM 60571, Emil Filla, Still Life, oil, 380x540mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11018, Filla Emil, Still Life with a Tray and Wine Bottle, oil, canvas, 380x555mm
· 15. JEWISH MUSEUM 60572, V. Špála, Yugoslav Landscape, watercolour, 480x630mm
· 16. NATIONAL GALLERY K 43133, Špála Václav, Yugoslav Landscape, watercolour, 480x630mm
· 17. JEWISH MUSEUM 60578, Jan Bauch, Female Nude, oil, 400x580mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11020, Bauch Jan, Female Nude, oil, canvas, 585x405mm
· 18. JEWISH MUSEUM 60580, Vlaminck, Road through a French Village, watercolour, 455x545mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5319, Vlaminck, Road through a French Village, watercolour, 455x545mm
· 19. JEWISH MUSEUM 60581, Maurice Utrillo, St. Peter´s Church at Place du Marché in Paris, watercolour, 500x655mm
NATIONAL GALLERY K 43129, Utrillo Maurice, St. Peter´s Church at Place du Marché in Paris, watercolour, 500x655mm
· 20. JEWISH MUSEUM 60587, unknown Russian author, Large Still Life, oil, 1250x1430mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11034, Russian painter (1911), Still Life with Flowers, oil, canvas, 1255x1430mm
· 21. JEWISH MUSEUM 60589, Žufan, Large Flower Bush, watercolour, 570x440mm
NATIONAL GALLERY K 43126, Žufan Borivoj, Large Flower Bush, watercolour, 570x440mm
· 22. JEWISH MUSEUM 60608, Paul Signac, A Steamship on the Seine, oil, 740x920mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11032, Signac Paul, The Seine at Samois, oil, canvas, 740x925mm
· 23. JEWISH MUSEUM 60609, V. Zykmund, Memory of a Deserted House, oil, 520x655mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11029, Zykmund V., Deserted House, oil, canvas, 505x655mm
· 24. JEWISH MUSEUM 60618, Vlaminck, Small Town in Winter, drawing, 450x550mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5320, Vlaminck, Small Town in Winter, drawing, 450x550mm
· 25. JEWISH MUSEUM 60619, Vlaminck, French Village in Winter, drawing, 450x550mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5321, Vlaminck, French Village in Winter, drawing, 450x550mm
· 26. JEWISH MUSEUM 60620, Vlaminck, French Village, 600x700mm
NATIONAL GALLERY K 43120, French Village, drawing, 600x700mm
· 27. JEWISH MUSEUM 60623, V. Sychra, Reclining Female Nude, oil, 490x930mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11008, Sychra V., Reclining Nude, oil, canvas, 480x940mm
· 28. JEWISH MUSEUM 60630, V. Špála, Still Life, oil, 320x410mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11014, Špála Václav, Still Life with a Melon, oil, canvas, 310x405mm
· 29. JEWISH MUSEUM 60631, Kubišta, Landscape with a Factory, oil, 670x820mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11015, Kubišta B., A Factory at Bráník, oil, canvas, 670x825mm
· 30. JEWISH MUSEUM 60648, Portrait of a Lady, oil, 1100x800mm
NATIONAL GALLERY 011002, Sychra V., Lady in a Red Cape, oil, canvas, 1100x790mm
· 31. JEWISH MUSEUM 60653, Prof. Wagner, Countryside in Summer, oil, 540x680mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11004, Wagner K., Landscape with Trees, oil, canvas, 540x675mm
· 32. JEWISH MUSEUM 60654, Salzmann Martin, Female Nude, oil, 550x450mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11024, Salcman, Female Nude, oil, canvas, 550x460mm
· 33. JEWISH MUSEUM 60661, J. Bauch 1930, Dance in a Night Bar, oil, 580x835mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11069, Bauch Jan (Rykr?), Dance in a Café, oil, canvas, 675x825mm
· 34. JEWISH MUSEUM 60663, Segal A., Path in a Park 27, oil, 680x890mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10991, Segal A., Landscape with Walkers, oil, canvas, 685x890mm
· 35. JEWISH MUSEUM 60667, A. Adámek, Dalmatian Coastal Landscape, oil, 500x620mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10998, Adámek A., Dalmatian Landscape II, 1937, oil, canvas, 495x630mm
· 28. JEWISH MUSEUM 60672, E.A.LoNárodní galerieen, Landscape with a River, oil, 590x610mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11016, Pitterman-LoNárodní galerieen, E.A., Factory by a River, oil, canvas, 580x605mm
· 29. JEWISH MUSEUM 60674, N. Jahudková, Mountain Landscape, oil, 430x600mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10996, Jahudková N., Mountain Landscape with a Roadside Cottage, oil, canvas, 435x610mm
· 36. JEWISH MUSEUM 60680, O. Kerhart, Corsican Landscape, oil, 649x750mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11022, Kerhart A., Southern Landscape with Figures, oil, canvas, 630x755mm
· 37. JEWISH MUSEUM 60684, A. Moravec, 2 Girls with a Flower Bowl, oil, 480x650mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11023, Moravec A., Two Women at a Table, oil, cardboard, 475x630mm
· 38. JEWISH MUSEUM 60685, E. Huber, Panoramatic view, oil, 700x1000mm
· 39. NATIONAL GALLERY O 11006, Huber E., The town of Kuessnacht, oil, canvas, 700x1000mm
· 40. JEWISH MUSEUM 60687, J. Klein von Diepold, Factory Yard, oil, 600x800mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10995, Klein von Diepold V., Market Garden, oil, canvas, 620x775mm
· 41. JEWISH MUSEUM 60688, Cyprian Majerník, Don Quixote, 290x420mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5315, Majerník Cyprian, Don Quixote, drawing, 290x420mm
· 42. JEWISH MUSEUM 60689, Dufresne, Interior of a Studio, drawing, 300x390mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5323, Dufresne, Interior of a Studio, 300x390mm
· 43. JEWISH MUSEUM 60691, A. Signac, Landscape, watercolour, 280x440mm
NATIONAL GALLERY K 43068, Signac A., Landscape, watercolour, 280x440mm
· 44. JEWISH MUSEUM 60692, Bor. Žufan, Forest Scenery, oil, 650x1000mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11021, Žufan Borivoj, A House among Trees, oil, canvas, 650x1000mm
· 45. JEWISH MUSEUM 60693, V. Špála, Large Bouquet, oil, 950x700mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11009, Špála Václav, Bouquet in a Vase, oil, canvas, 950x700mm
· 46. JEWISH MUSEUM 60694, V. Špála, Small Town in Summer, oil, 650x810mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11012, Špála Václav, Church in a Resort Town, oil, canvas, 645x815mm
· 47. JEWISH MUSEUM 60700, V. Špála, House in a Park, oil, 810x660mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11011, Špála, In a park, canvas, 810x650mm
· 48. JEWISH MUSEUM 60702, J. Grus, Landscape, oil, 800x990mm
· 49. NATIONAL GALLERY O 11005, Grus Jaroslav, Road through Trees, oil, canvas, 800x990mm
· 50. JEWISH MUSEUM 607704, V. Sychra, Portrait of a Lady, oil, 600x500mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11010, Sychra V., Portrait of a Woman, oil, canvas, 655x500mm
· 51. JEWISH MUSEUM 60705, Maurice Utrillo, Vision of Calvados, oil, 350x460mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11030, Utrillo Mauric, Vision (Calvados), oil, canvas, 380x460mm
· 52. JEWISH MUSEUM 60707, Vlaminck, Landscape, watercolour, 300x385mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5317, Vlaminck, Landscape, watercolour, 300x385mm
· 53. JEWISH MUSEUM 60708, A. Derain, Portrait of a Woman, oil, 360x270mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11031, Deraine André, Head of a Young Woman, oil, canvas, 355x270mm
· 54. JEWISH MUSEUM 60710, A. Adámek, Dalmatian Landscape, oil, 560x685mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10994, Adámek A., Dalmatian Landscape I, oil, canvas, 560x680mm
· 55. JEWISH MUSEUM 73002, Ferdiš Duša, Slovak Mountains, copper engraving, 295x395mm
NATIONAL GALLERY R 150890, Duša Ferdiš, Slovak Mountains, copper engraving, 295x395mm
· 56. JEWISH MUSEUM 73003, Willi Novak, 3 Girls, oil, 440x570mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11027, Nowak W., Three Girls with Cherries, oil, canvas, 420x555mm
· 57. JEWISH MUSEUM 73006, Willi Nowak, Landscape with a River, oil, 370x495mm
· 58. NATIONAL GALLERY O 11028, Nowak W., Summer Landscape with Figures, oil, canvas, 365x495mm
· 59. JEWISH MUSEUM 73007, Rud. Bém, Skating Rink, oil, 900x825mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10993, Bém Rudolf, Embankment in Winter, oil, canvas, 900x815mm
· 60. JEWISH MUSEUM 73008, Otto Dill, Polo Players, oil, 500x680mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10985, Dill Otto, Polo Players, oil, wood, 500x660mm
· 61. JEWISH MUSEUM 73012, Bedr. Kausek, Spanish Mountain Town, oil, 1000x850mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11003, Kausek F., Southern Town with a Bridge, oil, canvas, 1005x855mm
· 62. JEWISH MUSEUM 73016, V. Heise, Landscape with a River, oil, 470x620mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11001, Heise V., Houses with a River and Bridge, oil, canvas, 480x600mm
· 63. JEWISH MUSEUM 73020, Willi Nowak, A Bathing Party, watercolour, 260x330mm
NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5314, Nowak W., A Bathing Party, watercolour, 260x330mm
· 64. JEWISH MUSEUM 73024, Willi Hamacher, Bobbin Lace Makers, oil, 760x1030mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11000, Hamacher Willy, Women Repairing Fishing Nets, oil, canvas, 750x1000mm
· 65. JEWISH MUSEUM 73138, Aug. Broemse, Summer Night, copper engraving, 290x180mm
NATIONAL GALLERY R 150889, Broemse A., Summer Night, copper engraving, 290x180mm
· 66. JEWISH MUSEUM 89309, Otakar Nejedlý, Mountains at Sunrise, oil, 485x575mm
· 67. NATIONAL GALLERY O 10997, Nejedlý O., Landscape with a Castle, oil, canvas, 480x585mm
· 68. JEWISH MUSEUM 89495, Renoir Auguste, Nude, oil, 250x175mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10869, Renoir Auguste, Standing Nude in Scenery, oil, canvas, 255x180mm
· 69. JEWISH MUSEUM 97007, Filla Emil, Still Life, oil, 350x240mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11017, Filla Emil, Still Life with a Salmon Head, oil, canvas, 240x350mm
· 70. JEWISH MUSEUM 97024, Marvánek O., Ploughing, oil, 490x650mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11026, Marvánek O., Ploughing with Cows, oil, cardboard, 490x650mm
· 71. JEWISH MUSEUM 97028, Rodionov M., Old Man, oil, 540x435mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 10992, Rodionov N., Head of an Old Man, oil, canvas, 545x435mm
· 72. JEWISH MUSEUM 97030, Rodionov M., Head of a Russian Monk, oil, 500x400mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11033, Rodionov N., Portrait of Dostoyevski, oil, canvas, 505x405mm
· 73. JEWISH MUSEUM 97018, Oldr. Koníc74. ek, Fisherman at the Seaside, oil, 550x650mm
NATIONAL GALLERY O 11025, Konícek O., Southern Town, oil, canvas, 555x665mm SPI Publishing Ltd.

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