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This is a database of works of art unlawfully taken from individuals, families and victims of the Holocaust and which are available for restitution under Czech Law 212/2000. The objects were identified in 2000/2001 in Czech public collections as a result of the initiative of the Joint Working Group of the Government of the Czech Republic following publication of the Czech restitution law. The research was carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. 

These works of art are also available in the database here on www.lootedart.com: on the Search page, under 'Object Search', type 'Czech Republic' into the 'Country' box to view these works of art.  They can also be searched by family name, town of residence, type of object, name of artist, etc. 

The Ministry of Culture publicly committed to carrying out further research in 2002 and thereafter and to adding its new findings to the database. Some material has since been added but the list is not yet a complete account of all looted works of art in Czech public collections.  

www.restitution-art.cz, accessed 9 July 2003 and thereafter.

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