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Jewish Community Indemnification Commission (Commission de Dédommagement des membres de la communauté Juive)

Jewish Community Indemnification Commission (Commission de Dédommagement des membres de la communauté Juive)

Established 19 March 2002

Following the Final Report of the Study Commission on Jewish Assets  of 12 July 2001, the Belgian government introduced an Indemnification Bill in Parliament proposing the formation of an Indemnification Commission. This passed and became the Act of 20 December 2001 for the indemnification of the Belgian Jewish Community's assets which were plundered, surrendered or abandoned during the Second World War. It was published in the Belgian Monitor of 24 January 2002. The Act took effect on 19 March 2002.

According to the terms of the Act, indemnification claims could be submitted to the Commission within a one-year period from the date on which the act took effect, therefore until 19 March 2003.  The deadline was extended to 9 September 2003.

By Royal Decree of 13 March 2002 a standard indemnification form was established, to be used for new claims. However, claims already submitted to the Study Commission or to the Federal Public Department Chancellery and General Services were still valid and did not therefore have to be re-submitted.

Details of who was entitled to submit claims, of the kind of damage or loss eligible for compensation, and the procedure for submitting claims can be found at or are available from the Secretariat below.

A total of 6008 dossiers by 5645 claimants were submitted to the Commission.  The Commission periodically publishes Progress Reports on the processing of the submitted claims.  These can be consulted at

Contact Information 
The Indemnification Commission Secretariat
Rue de la Loi 16
1000 Brussels
Tel.: 00-32(0)2-501.05.86 - 00-32(0)2-213.44.60
Fax: 00-32(0)2-511.17.37

Jewish Community Indemnification Commission
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